Cake Smash

Celebrate Baby’s 1st Birthday with a Cake Smash & Splash Session….  Aside from birth, it’s one of the most cherished moments of Baby’s life!

It’s a “one in a lifetime” event, capture it in photos so they too can see all that you put into that day to make it special.  Let’s face it, they will never remember anything about their 1st birthday unless you have pictures to show them all the little things you did to make that day special.

Birthday Babies are treated to a fully decorated stage.  Choose from a vast collection of “Themes,” or you may elect our Premium Smash session to have a custom-made set for your little one. 

I will take a few portrait style images before the “smash” as a gift for you and your family, then the fun begins!  The smash session itself lasts only about 15 minutes because it happens so fast, I will capture all the fun expressions (even if they are crying.)  Even tears make for gorgeous photos, I will try to get the smiles in as well.  The cake smash is usually VERY messy, I don’t like to send babies home covered in frosting so, I bring out my tiny tub of bubbles to bring big smiles!

Pride and Joy Photography goes above and beyond when it comes to birthdays.  A cake smash session is great, but a “Cake Smash and a Bath Splash” is even better!

It’s a “Smash & Splash” Session!

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Fact- with photos, people hold onto memories better.  Photos tell a story and people fill in the blanks.