Newborn Studio Session

4 styles of imagery to give your Newborn Studio Session gallery that extra “Pop.”

A Newborn studio session is timeless!  Upon booking a “tentative” date, We can also schedule your FREE consultation.  I’ll ask you a series of questions that will help me customize your session.

  Consultations can be done via Phone call, Zoom, or we can meet for ice cream (on me!)  This will give us a chance to know each other and give me an idea of color choices you prefer as well as style “dark and moody” or “light and airy” (you can even opt for a mixture of both!)

When you arrive, everything will be ready for “transitional” beanbag posing.  There will be a staging area for theme photos ready to go.  Preparing this ahead of time is key for a good workflow, this is what allows me to get so many different looks for your gallery.

As a mother, I understand the desire for a gallery with a series of different looks and poses to choose from.  “Shoot and burn” photographers are flooding the market offering a larger gallery.  What isn’t said, these photographers only offer a few looks and poses that are taken at different angles.  Limiting the poses, outfits and props allows them to shoot a ton of photos in a small amount of time.

Most of them offer the digital images with print release.  It sounds very tempting for a large gallery.  Until you know the facts… “shoot the session, burn to disc.”

You have ONE chance at getting newborn photos like this done for your Baby… Do it right, opt for Quality over Quantity!



*Composite images are not included in Basic and Luxe packages.  They are available upon request for an additional cost.

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I am a Full Service Photographer. I will help you with designing your home with your new images. Room with pink accents

Need Help Deciding on Prints?

As a "Full Service" photographer, I will help you with all aspects of the session as well as decorating your home and ordering prints.