Baby Photo Editing

Holding your baby for the first time and looking into gorgeous little eyes and magical smiles is breathtaking!

As parents, we all want to capture the beauty of this experience in photos.  But fear investing in a professional photographer because often, babies are born with yellow, blue or red skin tones.

Thinking a few days may do the trick, the “unthinkable” happens… baby acne!

Never Fear… The “Editing Expert” is here!

Through my editing expertise, I can combat skin discolorations and banish blemishes keeping the tiny details of hairs and pores intact.  You may be tempted to book with another photographer because they are cheaper, but I assure you… most of them offer simple editing or bulk editing which leave you with “blown out” skin that will make your baby appear plastic!

Don’t miss this small window of opportunity…

The early stages of babies will never look this way again. In as little as 2 weeks, these precious little features will change, so capturing these little miracles of life will allow you to reminisce on those very special early moments of their life before they are lost to time.


Ever wonder how long does it really take to edit a photo?  Check out my video where I explain as I go (its not a tutorial, it’s just so you can see what it involved to hand edit verses “batch editing” 

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