About Me…

Cameo image of Tracy KelleInternational Award-Winning Newborn Photographer!


Photography has been my passion for over 30 years. It began in high school. Staging photos, developing 35mm b/w film in a darkroom, and being recognized as a top videographer. I entered a contest against seniors in college, taking home two 1st place awards and an award of distinction ~ this gave me the confidence to continue pursuing my love of photography.

I am an International Award-Winning Photographer in Leesburg Va.  I have several badges. One image “Lincoln’s Tiny Foot” won an award for Round 2, this was the largest round ever recorded with AFNS – there were over 1500 entries!  I was awarded a silver badge in AFNS PRIME contest (where only winners of previous contests can enter.)  Photo Crowd held a contest titled “Anne Geddes Inspired” I knew that was right up my ally since Anne Geddes is the inspiration to all my images, I entered 6 images (hoping at least one might place) all 6 images were awarded “expert commended”  I was also awarded Summerana’s Top Photographer in April, my winning image was from my Fun with Food Session and I call the image Fruit Loops with Amiyah.  I am truly honored, it is not easy to win in any of these competitions!

I am a mother of twins, and comfortable handling multiple babies at once. My son Jackson is on the autism spectrum, so I understand the difficulties that arise with sensory issues, over stimuli and the need to be patient. I am closely involved with local groups of parents that have children with disabilities and operate a support group for parents of kids with autism. I am a strong advocate for child safety and specialize in “sensory friendly” no flash photography. 

International award winning image through AFNS of fathers hand with baby's foot in between middle and ring finger to compare size of the foot as same size as his fingers.
newborn girl with incredible eye contact, her eyes are captivating,. This image is an international award winning image through AFNS
newborn Indian boy sleeping on deep royal blue beanbag He has a gorgeous thick head of hair. International award winning image by AFNS

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international award winning photo of newborn baby in peacock wreath - silver badge AFNS
AFNS Award - international photography award. Baby girl sitting with world globe
Summerana-photographer-of-the-week-fruit-loops baby girl enjoying a giant bowl of cereal