Sensory Friendly and Special Needs

Sensory Friendly – Special Needs Photos!


I am proud to say that I am a mother of twins, and comfortable handling multiple babies at once.  My son Jackson is on the autism spectrum, so I understand the difficulties that arise with sensory issues, over stimuli and the need to be patient. 


Photographing someone with light sensitivity or over stimuli issues has its challenges, because I was determined to get great photos of my kids, I learned how to use natural lighting.  Now, I offer “Sensory friendly – No Flash” photography sessions! 


I am closely involved with local groups of parents that have children with disabilities and operate a support group for parents of kids with autism.  I am a strong advocate for child safety. 


For several years I worked as a STNA (nursing assistant) for the elderly and disabled.  I have been trained to handle people with disabilities so you can rest assured you or your loved ones will be in good hands.


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